Feiyu G6 Plus 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless & Action Camera


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The Feiyu G6 Plus Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is designed for compact cameras and lenses, such as the Sony a6500 with the Sony 16-50mm E-mount lens combination. One of the main features of the G6 Plus is that it allows for direct record start/stop triggering, zooming, and focusing with select cameras using the gimbal controls. Please see the Features section below for the list of cameras.

The G6 Plus allows you to pan, tilt, and roll for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge and to capture smooth, stable, cinematic-looking footage. On top of that, the ability to record/zoom/focus without having to touch the camera adds to the stability of your shot, provides a more fluid workflow, and also prevents having to rebalance the gimbal—as pressing the record button or other control on the camera often throws a gimbal off balance.

1. Original multifunction knob “Magic Focus Ring” creates unlimited possibilities, such as control the zoom of camera, control the follow focus of camera, precisely control the pan-tilt three axis and function mode control.
2. It is pretty straight-forward to get information from OLED screen, such as battery indicator of the gimbal, working mode and the camera mode.
3. Anti-detachable 1/4-inch thumb screw design, which could be compatible with action camera, smartphone, digital camera and mirrorless camera.
4. Manual rolling adjustment to meet more requirements for composition of pictures. By connecting to Wifi, G6 Plus can control the camera to adjust the focus, switch the shooting mode, select the resolution, etc. Shoot by a single hand, liberate one hand of you.
5. Small, but more capable. Excellent splashproof technology, no more resistance between you and the rain.

WIFI+ Bluetooth Dual Connection
Via connecting with WIFI and Bluetooth, G6 Plus can control the photographing, shooting, follow focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white balance, exposure value and switching mode functions of Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Gopro Cameras


Build-in OLED Screen
Pretty straight-forward to show specifications of gimbal and camera, working modes, battery life, bluetooth connection etc


Magic Focus Ring
The multifunction knob of G6 Plus can Control the zoom, follow focus of camera, precisely control the pan-tilt three axes, function mode control


Manual Roll Adjustment
Roll adjustment function button at the back, easy to change the horizontal screen composition and meet more requirement of composition


Tracking Shot
The camera can accurately identify objects, face targets and control the focus zoom, while supporting the phone frame selection object tracking


35 degree elevation angle
35 degree elevation angle makes users accurately compose the pictures without external monitor with a 35 degree elevation angle of roll axis in design


Motion time-laps e
Intelligently follow pre-set route in auto-rotation mode, matching motion time-lapse or automatic shooting.
Quadruple tap: Auto-rotation Mode, perfectly fit for time-lapse. You can set up the start, the finish and the rotation route by hand in this mode. When setting is done, gimbal will be automatically rotated following pre-set route in a constant speed, which was set in App before. After rotating finish, the gimbal will stop in the finish position (Find more details in the manual of G6 Plus).


12 Hours long running time
26650 High-energy-density battery offer a 12 hours long running time for your shot.


The whole machine is Splash-proof, so you don't have to worry about rain or splashing water, catching shocks moment for you.




Compatible With

Sony RX100 / Sony a6300 (16-50mm or 28-70mm lens)
Sony a6500 (16-50 mm or 28-70mm lens)
Canon M10 (15-45mm lens)
Canon G3X ect; Sony RX0 and GoPro Hero series of action cameras
Fit for smartphone with smartphone adapter
(the width of smartphone should be 54-87mm)

Maximum payload 800g
Camera height <=70mm
Battery 26650*1, 5000mAh, 3.7V
Usage Time in Theory 9hours
Charging Time 3 hours
Splash-proof Grade

Only splash-proof
(It is banned from using under water
or being exposed to salt water)

Extended Interface Two 1/4 inch screw holes (on the side of handle and on the bottom)
Max. Tilting Range 260° 
Max. Rolling Range 320°
Max. Panning Range 360°
Weight 663g (Not include battery and camera)
Loading weight <800g
Length 328mm

Feiyu ON (Camera)/ Vicool (Mobile)


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